Certified Quality

 ISO certification ensures high-quality standards.

Diverse Operations

We have two companies, four production lines, and our own IPD and candy lines.

High Production Capacity

Our monthly capacity is 10 crore units, with room for growth.

Substantial Workforce

We have over 400 employees, offering stability and collaboration opportunities.

Expert Quality Control

Our Quality Control officers ensure top-notch product standards.

Extensive Distribution

We have over 250 distributors covering Bangladesh.

Nationwide Presence

Our distribution channel spans across Bangladesh.dards.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

Our facilities are fully air-conditioned and HACCP compliant.

Product Diversity

Product Diversity: We offer around 50 different products to cater to various markets.

Export Opportunities

Our strong network enables global market penetration.

Community Bond

Our bond with over 70 mariners fosters a supportive environment.

Investment Options

Mariners have over 50 sectors to invest in for diversification.

Ethical Practices

We conduct business without interest, aligning with Islamic principles.

Growth Potential

Opportunity to be part of an expanding organization.


We embrace new technologies and practices for improvement.

Collaborative Culture

Teamwork and idea-sharing are encouraged.

Transparent Communication

Open channels for feedback and suggestions including a web and a satellite based broadcasting service.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction: We prioritize customer happiness in all operations.


Environmental consciousness guides our operations.

Market Leadership

We aim to lead the FMCG sector in Bangladesh.

Financial Stability

Demonstrated by strong performance and growth projections.


Being part of an esteemed organization with a reputable brand.

Social Impact

We contribute to social well-being through nutritious products.


We respond to market changes and consumer preferences.

Professional Development

Continuous learning opportunities for both Mariners and civilians.

Employee Benefits

Competitive compensation packages and perks.

Long-term Vision

We invest in sustainable growth for lasting success.

Future Generations

We plan pioneering projects for the well-being and growth of future Mariners.

Holistic Development

Projects like schools, colleges, hospitals, and smart city initiatives aim to provide a holistic environment for future Mariners’ growth.