Business Prospect

We made for the marine community

  1. We strategically stock peanuts seasonally to meet the demands of our permanent clients, such as Square, ACI, Peawal and various local factories, ensuring a consistent supply throughout the year.
  2. Our commitment extends to supplying premium raw materials for FMCG products, including Oil, Motor Dal, Anchor Dal and specialty items like Red chili, Atop chal and other similar ingredients.
  3. Operating our own cutting-edge factory, we not only produce high-quality Puffed rice for export but also envision expanding into innovative products like Popcorn and Flattened rice to sell in the market very soon, InshaAllah as our machinery installation is already completed, Alhamdulillah so that we can meet consumer preferences. 
  4. With our advanced Masala blending unit boasting a production capacity of over 1000 kg per day, we aim to revolutionize the industry by offering unique blends of spices made for export and meeting the diverse needs of the rural markets of Bangladesh.

5. We’re also planning to produce more refined and nutritive Mustard-oil using our own Mustard-oil extruder machine and filter, under the supervision of our highly qualified Quality Controller (QC), which is a way to enter the growing market while contributing to the growth of the Mustard seed industry.

6. As Because of our solid relationships based on Business purposes with Square, ACI and other local factories, we are making a good profitable business round the year as they have unlimited orders round 365.

7. Our four brand portfolio, featuring, “Peawal”, “iRICH”, “Trink” and “MARINE” embodies excellence in quality and taste. Our first brand, “Peawal”, which selects products that have a direct or indirect relationship with peanuts, including all other nuts, is expanding very fast for its’ food quality and taste Alhamdulillah.

8. “Trink” is a leading name in the Soft Drink Powder segment with a diverse range of flavours in 16 different SKUs, including Mango, Orange and so on. Now we are progressing to make a high production capacity setup of machineries to fulfill the demand of our distributors.

9. In the esteemed brand “iRICH”, we’ve introduced a lineup of delicious treats, from the crispy allure of Lachcha Semai to the tantalizing embrace of Vermicelli and Stick Semai. But mark the words, our ambitions know no bounds. In the days ahead, prepare for the arrival of noodles that rival the legendary MAGGI Noodles, alongside an array of essential grocery items, including the finest Masala blends. With “iRICH”, domination in the kitchen is not just a possibility—it’s an inevitability.”

10. “In the world of “Marine,” brand dedicated to our community elegance, we’re excited to announce the launch of a wide array of everyday essentials. From Mineral Water to Bakery items, Tea to Flour, Soft Drinks to Rice, our goal is to provide unparalleled experiences to our customers. Get ready to indulge in quality and convenience as we aim to dominate the market across various sectors.”

11. Our business has naturally expanded into transportation as a side venture, driven by the increasing demand from our factory. We require several covered vans, with the number growing daily. This also marks the start of a consistent monthly income for our mariners.”

12. By harnessing the power of peanut husks, packed with fiber and vital nutrients, we’re diving into the thriving feed market. Our recent acquisition of a specialized feed machine sets the stage for groundbreaking research. By 2025, expect us to roll out affordable, nutrient-rich feeds, shaping a brighter future for farming and animal health.”

13. We’re stepping into agro-farming with a clear goal: to provide top-quality feed for our beloved pets & domestic animals, which are providing us with pure nutrition. But our biggest ambition? It’s all about leading the way in growing Beijing (Peking) Ducks alongside fish in our ponds. It’s a step towards sustainability and excellence, making sure our animals get the best while we innovate in farming.

14. If our own chemist controls the feeds’ quality, we’ll stand out in poultry, dairy, and fish. With top-quality nutrition, we’ll win over customers in these areas.

15. Imagine a farm where the sea meets the land, and only Mariners lead the way. Our vision extends beyond agriculture—it’s about creating a haven where our community shapes the future. From cultivating the land to crafting sustainable practices, every step reflects our commitment to excellence.

16. By broadening our range across 4 brands, we’re gearing up to enter a new arena: packing materials and cylinder industries, including foil supply for our products and others. This step doesn’t just expand what we offer but also makes us stand out in this important sector. With our focus on quality and new ideas, we’re set to lead the way in packaging solutions. Get ready for a big change in how we do business!