Business Prospect

We made for the marine community

  1. Stocking peanuts in season and to use in business throughout the year our permanent customer in Square, ACI, Peawal and other local factories.
  2. Supplying raw materials for FMCG Like oil, Motor Dal, Anchor Dal, Red Dhilli, Atop chal and other similar items.
  3. Producing puffed rice in won set factory and sending abroad for export, selling in Bangladesh market as planning for popcorn and won made flattened rice to sell in market very soon InshaAllah as our machinery installation is already completed.
  4. We have also our own masala blender which has production capacity of not less than 1000 KG per day.We can start a new sector of business with masala targeting export and also it has high demand in Bangladesh rural market.


5. We’re also planning for mustard oil to produce.This business will play a vital role in opening a business in stock mustard seed. We have our own mustard oil extruder machine as well as filter.

6. We have business with Square, ACI and other local factories. Among them the Square company has unlimited order round the year and we can make a good profitable business round the year.

7. We have already launched our three brand named as “Peawal”, “iRICH” and Trink. Among the three brands Peawal is our first brand and we are expanding Alhamdullillah very fast for our food quality and taste. Peawal always selects the product which has directly or indirectly relation with peanut. We have already set around 10 depot and more than 80 distributors all over Bangladesh and targeting for 400 distributors within this year InshaAllah.

8. Trink is also a good name for making a brand in the section of Soft Drink Powder. We already have launched soft drinks powder of 16 different SKU in both mango and orange flavour.  Now need to make a high production capacity set up of machinery to fulfill the demand of our distributors.

9. In iRICH brand we have launched Lachcha Semai, Vermicelli, Stick Semai and stick noodles. In future we have plans to launch the noodles like MAGGI Noodles and also grocery items including Masala.

10. For this business the transportation wing has automatically been open as a side business where our factory needs more than several covered van and the number will be increasing day by day which is also a beginning of fixed monthly income for mariners.

11. As peanut husk is a good source of fibre and other nutritions then you can easily take entry in feed market with very competitive price.We have already bought a feed machine for research and in 2024 hopefully we will be able to start this sector.

12. We have the scope to start agro farms we have opportunity to feed our pets buy our own feed higher the project of Beijing (Peking) Duck on pond with fish will be prioritized.

13. If our feed is made by our chemist then we can make a very good market in poultry section and cattle for milk wlog with fish.

14. We have also scope of marketing our own land developing farm where only Mariners will roll the administration.

15. As we are increasing the number of products in running three brands we can easily open a new wing of business in the sector of packing material and cylinder industry as well as foil supply for our won products and others also.