A word from company Chairman


Managing Director Of Mariners Group.

Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah,

In the name of Allah I would like to thank you all who have taken risk at the initial stage of our company by contributing financially of your hard-earn money which really accelerated the velocity of our company’s dream to be fulfilled. I specially thanked my directors for their faith in me which was really a great honor for me. I am specially thankful to my directors for their continuous support and hard labor to expand the business in various practicable sectors. My special thanks to our chief operation officer who is working behind the scenes by his utmost endeavor which I consider as giving soul to a dead body. We have to keep in mind that it’s harder to save sovereignty rather than acquiring it.

We have to hold our promise and work hard to establish our dream project by keeping to stone unturned by applying our talents and network which is really an excellent gift from Allah as a mariner. Our strict compliance for smooth running of our business by following all legal rules and regulation and proper documentation imposed by the Bangladesh Government will be highly exercised in all respects.

Our aim is not only to establish a business for ourselves but also keeping in mind the fundamental demands of the needy people throughout our life and must never be forgotten. We will try to build a team where the bond will be based on fair business and transparency will be highly entitled.

As a new player in the market we have a lot of challenges to go through which will be a very productive time utilization sector for mariners. We have to focus and keep maximum priority for social media marketing and also we have to advertise from our own known field by physical labor and valuable opinion.

As we are entering the sector of the most sensitive field where food and agro is vastly mixed with everyone’s daily life, we should be devoted to serving our customers as our beloved family members. We should have focused on quality and price so that we do not suck the blood of the middle class family in the name of giving quality keeping the profit more than recommended.

We are optimistic to grow rapidly, in line with the economic advancement of our country and in that endeavor we shall participate in the development of our nation.

Dear investors, your investment is in good hands and I have no doubt that you will be rewarded handsomely in the years ahead InshaAllah.