A Mariner’s Dream

A Mariner's Dream

Business is not only a Mariner’s Dream dream but also a necessity as a mariner especially at the last one third of our life span. We all seafarers plan every moment to do something ashore on which we can quit the sea life or can extend our stay at home. After few years we realized that we live not for us but for our family and kids. Then we take risk in doing business in various sectors with different people who will never understand our pain. We have thousands of experience mixed with a deep and sorrowful breath specially when we are engaged with someone who generally target us for our money only and unfortunately but verily I am also a victim like you who lost his hard earn money of his 3rd mate life and also lost something which will remain untold. From that day with little knowledge but with mountain like hope and courage and fully depending on Allah have started my thorny journey across the ocean of business and Alhamdullillah am now in a stage to offer you something special where we can make our own kingdom where we will fight together to reach our goal.