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Welcome to Mariners Group Bangladesh. Mariners Food & Agro Limited (MFA Limited) was established in 2018. Peawall, Matree, Irich Our Main Brand. Mariners peanuts. Safe food manufacturer Mariners Food & Agro LTD, Trusted safe food manufacturer, ensuring quality, freshness, and hygiene for consumers' well-being and satisfaction. Provision supply to Ships "Mariners Food & Agro LTD, Expertly catering to ships' needs with a wide array of provisions, ensuring reliable and timely supply for smooth sailing journeys." Depot Distributors Among Mariners "Mariners Food & Agro LTD, The leading depot distributors among Mariners, providing efficient logistics, diverse product range, and exceptional service for seamless supply chain solutions." Business in Transport Sector "Mariners Food & Agro LTD, Pioneering success in the transport sector, ensuring smooth and timely delivery of goods, setting new standards for reliability and customer satisfaction." Agro Project "Mariners Food & Agro LTD's Agro Project, A sustainable and innovative initiative, cultivating premium crops, fostering agricultural development, and contributing to food security and prosperity." Export "Mariners Food & Agro LTD, Thriving in the global market with high-quality exports, expanding reach and sharing premium products worldwide, while ensuring customer delight."