Mariners Food And Agro Ltd . is a leading producer of high-quality orange soft drink powders, (Brand Name Trink) dedicated to delivering the vibrant and refreshing taste of citrus to consumers worldwide. Established in [2020], our commitment to excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction has positioned us as a trusted name in the beverage industry.

Why Trink Best

  1. Quality: We maintain the highest standards of quality in every aspect of our production process, ensuring that our drink mix delivers a consistent and delicious taste.
  2. Innovation: We continuously explore new flavor profiles and packaging solutions to stay at the forefront of the beverage industry and delight our customers with exciting new products.
  3. Sustainability: We are committed to minimizing our environmental impact through responsible sourcing, eco-friendly packaging, and energy-efficient production.
  4. Customer Satisfaction: Our customers are at the center of everything we do. We listen to their feedback and work to exceed their expectations with every sip.
Trink powder Soft drink
Trink 125gm jar
Trink Soft powder drink