Peawal Food

  • Brand Name: Peawal
  • Dialogue: Friendship with Peanuts.
  • Machine Used: Crushing, Cleaning, Sorting best size, Vacuum, Nitrogen generator, Compressor, date printing.
  • Moisture content below 10%.
  • Aflatoxin: Negative.

Why Peawal is the best?

1. Peawal’s raw groundnuts are procured directly from the farmer.
2. Cleaned and dried by own workers to reduce moisture content below 10% which is essential for human health.
3. We confirm the negative value of aflatoxin with our own equipment.
4. After breaking down in own machine, it is cleaned again by machine.
5. Then the best and whole grains are selected without the touch of hands with the help of automated machines.
6. Then we measure the humidity again to make sure it is below 10%.
7. Then we send it for packing where we first use vacuum machine to remove 100% moisture from the packet and then fill it in nitrogen inflated airtight packet to keep it good for long time.
8. We have complete set up where this whole process is under our observation.

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